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In the late 20’s we started to produce our first pieces, and by 1953 JMS was officially founded. The Portuguese market has always been our most expressive one, but since 1975 we have been exporting our products. The knowledge, tradition and technique remain within the same family owned company for four generations. With simplicity, humbleness and hard work we strive to be constantly evolving. 

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Our workshop has about 30 specialized and continuously trained artists. The filigree technique is undoubtedly one of our strongest skills but we can produce with passion and commitment any type of jewellery in gold or silver. We have all kind of auxiliary machinery for mass production as well as all the minutiae skill required for handcrafted pieces. We have a deep passion in carrying out the execution on the creativity of brands and designers. We provide an agile, competitive and transparent service for all of our clients. 

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Being directly linked to the demanding and fast evolving fashion industry, the need for innovation and experimentation becomes mandatory. It is with pleasure and enthusiasm that we accept the constant challenges proposed by our clients. Our long and stable history, coupled with the dedication of our collaborators, allows us to make the dreams of our customers come true with high quality jewellery.